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A modern spin on the local, family owned ice cream parlour

Recently opened in the summer of 2020 in the heart of Lasalle, The Parlour is offering hard ice cream, soft ice cream dipped in Belgian chocolate, coffees, shakes and so much more! Sourced locally, crafted with love.


Featured Items

The Suggarito

3 Scoops of your favourite ice cream, topped with one of our 18 toppings and wrapped inside a cotton candy burrito

The Turtle Club

If you are from LaSalle you know the Turtle Club, well now you have another reason to Love the Turtle Club. Come try out soft serve ice cream topped with Belgian Milk Chocolate, pecan pieces and caramel ganache drizzled on top.

Cookies And Cream Shake

Delicious Cookies and Cream Shake made with vanilla ice cream, milk and real OREO’s topped with whipped cream and OREO crumbs served in a take home mason jar


Vanilla Soft Serve ice cream topped with Cotton Candy Belgian Chocolate, nerds and freshly made Cotton Candy.